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First solidarity messages for the arrested 14 USA, On August 2011, received September 1

Dear Anons, Many anons have been arrested in many countries, they are in our thoughts, but how can we communicate that? How can we express our solidarity, give them some hope, some love and maybe some usefull advice? Some of them came here to express their anger saying that nobody cares about them. You may think of one, two or three of them, or you may love them all, this pad is yours to write what you think is good to say in such circumstances. Thanks in advance for your participation; We will make use of some of your quotations/statements to make posters, videos etc...USE ALL LANGUAGES YOU NEED ~mama

To send a message to a specific anon that was arrested July 19 2011 please put it here. It would be helpful if you signed your entry so they know who it was from. Other Anons will then deliver the messages at court appearances or whatever. All names and nicks below are from the indictment so they can be correctly delivered, information not appearing in the indictment is not included nor should it be. Typos however are mine.

  • Mercedes Renee Haefer (No & Mmmm) We are with you in spirit! ~Anonymoose

  • Vincent Charles Kershaw (Trivette, Triv, Reaper) 'Anonymous Is an idea, and no matter how many of us you arrest, Your ideas and thoughts live on. They may arrest your body, your rights, but NOT what you share with us' ~From TechnoBoy/Optical for the wonderful Trivette

  • You cannot arrest an idea ~Topiary

  • No, but you can manipulate one ~ @Number_0110

  • If topiary had 750,000 account infos on his machine, wtf? <-- they were public, anyone could have had them.

  • Sony heist or no? and - is this not the pad that was raided by police a few months ago?

  • Raided but police got 0 information, the piratenpads are well encrypted

  • Assume Police are everywhere, if you haven't taken precautions already your an idiot

  • Ideas are bulletproof ~TehCrave

  • The people should not fear the government, the government should fear the people

  • We aren't going anywhere - o

  • We care for all who have been compromised ~TehCrave

  • Anonymous isn't a crime organization. Its an idea ~Fuxy

  • Anonymous is like a big family. We have such a big brother hood and sister hood that no matter what you can OR cant do there is always a place for you in our hearts. Together we can save the world! -Shaggy <-- pretty deep shit eh? :)

  • Its a Free World. ~Crux

  • I'm sorry to have to tell you this but you're deluded if you think that is true ~ @Number_0110

  • Gilbert mange les chats. ~ Tac

  • We’re building a new world, all of my friends and me its not an exact science yet, but we have the technology. ~Pat the Bunny

  • We are people of the world who are watching, suffering, thinking... Then fighting and lulzing together || LOVE YOU ALL ~mama <3 :)

  • The laws are made by fallible people just like everything else, nothing is 100%. and while the media calls anonymous criminal master minds, and the internet rabble calls us smelly sweaty nerds in our mothers basements, the latter is the scarier truth, because if 12 yr old kids can change the world , that is something the government doesn't want the population at large to know, even by being arrested you are exposing lies they wish no one to ever know, good luck all and stay safe . -f&f

  • “There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!” ~Mario Savio

  • Every person that has been arrested, every person that will be put on trial because this did so to try and help fight corruption. We now see what the US and UK governments value, business and the economy, specifically money. Our governments will let murderers and rapists walk free, but will prosecute those who voice their opinion. The penalties that hang above most of these guys heads is more then child molesters, killers, rapists, and thieves will receive. Surely you can't be serious, you let these kinda people walk away on a technicality; the justice system is pathetic. This is a disgrace, and everyone involved in the prosecution should be ashamed. -SS

  • Duty, honor, country: those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying points: to build courage when courage seems to fail; to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith; to create hope when hope becomes forlorn. ~Unknown

  • This sounds more like the exact opposite of what we should say... Our fellow Anons are imprisoned by people who do their duty for a country, and very likely see it as an honor to do so. also it's moar liek hollow words, because all of those are just a synonym for big business' wallet. This is just propaganda of an oppressive nationalist country. Those are the type of excuses used against anon. wtf.

  • Take Shit Dish Shit Bull Shit ~enlightenment

  • Stay strong, stay positive and know you are in our thoughts. You fight for anon, and anon fights for you! ~Splendide

  • Together we are strong, we are the people, expect us - Triv <33

  • You've helped start something, something that will spread far beyond Anonymous. We will keep fighting. Stay strong. When this is all over, we'll throw a big party in Cairo. - The MiNd

  • Ami, si tu tombes, un ami sort de l'ombre à ta place <3

  • Love never disapear. Death is nothing. I'm just in the next room. I'm me and you’re you. What we were, we still are. Give me the name you've ever given to me. Talk to me, like you've ever done. Don't change the tone of your voice, don't take a solemn manner, nor a sad one. Pray, smile, remember me, pray for me. [...] Why would I be out of your thought, just because I'm out of you're sight? I'm waiting for you, I'm not far, I'm just in the end of the road. You see, I'm well. (St Augustin) ~ N0x <3

  • We are all part of the same human race, we're all part of this place called earth. We're given free will and everyone has made his or her choices, knowing that arrest or worse could come. You maybe jailed, but ur actions won't be forgotten, you won't be forgotten. You're part of Anonymous, part of the earth, part of everyone of us and everyone outside there. Thus you're still changing the world. Our thoughts are with you, awaiting your return into the collective so you might run with us again. Run the internet, the earth, the human race. You did the first steps, you took the risk, others will follow until we are an unstoppable mass that will change the system into something that serves all parts of us, the collective, the human race. We love you who are imprisoned at the moment, we think of you and we want you to be free again. ~Earthling~

  • By arresting anons, authorities have been jailed into the dustbin of History ~mama

  • "Dare to do things worthy of imprisonment if you mean to be of consequence."

  • Freedom is not the easiest road, but it is the duty of all free-thinking people to actively challenge accepted authority.

  • "Ordinarily, a person leaving a courtroom with a conviction behind him would wear a somber face. But I left with a smile. I knew that I was a convicted criminal, but I was proud of my crime." ~MLK

  • "If… the machine of government... is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine." ~Thoreau<3

  • All of the arrestees should be proud of their actions--for they function to help create a better world. :)

  • "It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen."
Aristotle (Etica Nicomaquea & Politica)
"When EVIL men make bad laws, righteous men disobey them."

Pastor Butch Paugh

  • Right now the thing to do IMO is to humanize the arrested in a way that shines light on the fact they are protestors not petty criminals. We are really fighting a battle in the public eye. We can do nothing to effect the legal out come of the arrest. We can do things to ensure a positive societal out come for them. This is our chance to legitmize our self in the eyes of the general citizenry. To show that we are taking risks to push some thing we believe in.

  • Ideas: Keep going with the FREE TOPIARY, MERDECES, Ectra tagging of things. Twitters, walls, ectra. It establishes a brand and and people like brands.

  • Start a webseries of anonymous interviews we're the anon tells you a bit about there personal life, no details just intrests, maybe age, and country an end with "...and I'm anonymous." It may be hard to find anons willing to do this. I'll volunteer for the first one. Hopefully this will help people see anonymous in a better light, but I don't really believe it would have THAT much effect. But there is the potential for it to go viral and get major hits. But as I said, I don't think thats very likely. A law people going into this should know about is this one from germany. It says more or less that DDOS is a legal and legitmate form of protest. We should try to raise awareness of the law. Even though its not in America it establishes a legal precedent.

  • We want to help and hope there are a few decent attorneys ready to fight the big fight, the good fight, and make history for the better. Us regular anons need your skillz. And i promise ur gonna get the best head evah at that party-. I love all of u, stay strong, u r mai heroes.Skaitor

For Topiary, June 2012, received June 25

  • Dear Topiary, I wish you the best of luck with this case and I hope that you shall not be convicted, because you haven't actually done anything. ~Laureth

  • Topiary we are Anonymous UK and you are our brother we give you this message to tell you. We do not forgive We do not forget Expect Us You cannot arrest an idea ~Dash

  • You need anything Tope you know just to get a message to us and and we will be there and get or do what you need bro guyvictory

  • We knew you courageous, fierce activist, poet; UK should be proud of its young revolutionary generation instead of repress them like feodal authorities were doing in the middle age. You are our hero and deserve all our love and respect ~mama

  • If TheAnonMessage were here, he'd be standing by you. We all wish you the best. ~Damian
  • Fail is not the star you were born under for it is the star of infidels, poseurs, and Lady Gaga's rotweiller as it is known in unclean parts. The star you were born under has yet to be named, but there's a website where you can get a certificate. Brother, you unleashed a lion, which has seventy horns, three nipples like Bond villains, and spreads sparkle toads to all the needy children. Somewhere down the line you will look at this beast and say:

What is this I don't even

But you will be remembered for it.

  • Topiary, good luck with your trial. As today marks something meaningful to us. 11 months ago, you got thrown into a van by an uneasy and brutal force, the feds. The hate machine, the oppression machine, the machine powered by many smaller machines. We are all affected by it, being oppressed by it, and helping counteract it. You have touched the hearts of so many anons and have started waves of change within the chaotic planet. Be proud of what you have done, we all miss your greatness. So with those last thoughts, it is time to send our regards. The breeze is fresh and the sun is setting.

  • Free Topiary... Gardenslayer Communications wishes you the best, and a shoutout to all the great work you have done. (joepie91, Discordian, Nijaxor, Anony_Ops, buzzard)

  • Topiary -- Thank you for the smiles, the lulz, the awesome inspiration - and the friendship. Come back to us soon, I miss you terribly. YOURS FOREVER -- Commander X

  • Topiary - they can take our Socks, but they can't take our Sox. The albino-reptilian overlord bastards will remember, and expect us always. Thanks for the inspiration

  • You have support from the ground up they had better expect us as on ground and online we shall unleash everything we can in your support and that of other anons

  • Good luck! Thinking of you xxx

  • inspiReMi2269: Topiary inspired Anonymous Joint-Operation Blackout-STOPA to protect the future internet against USAGOV weaponization. We couldnt have blacked out SOPA PIPA ACTA CISPA NDAA without the supercharged energy of his lulz pulsing through us! I wish I couldve met him directly, but his spirit will carry on and inspire trillions. westboro, murdoc, iconography, chatlogs... Topiary was the Jesus of the Internet. Q: What would jesus do? A: FreeTopiary

  • I did not know you personally that well be we did talk on multiple occasions, you most likely remember me for pestering you about you not liking me :3. Dispite that, you have been such an astoundingly large inspiration for me throughout my various journeys on this uneasy and brutal ocean. You have inspired me and many others to fight for what is right through your many touching poetical speaches. It is such as shame that you have been so obviously wrongly incarcerated and we wish you all the best in your future endevors. Sail true, brother. ~Nijaxor

  • We will not leave the idea behind. We will do everything in our power to free those that carry the idea. We do not forget.~obi_wan <-- pasre that please

  • Although we never exchanged much conversation, I can assure you, Topiary, that I thoroughly enjoyed the escapades and adventures of yourself and your crew last summer. I, along with many others, am continuing to sail the high seas of the Internets in your honor. The idea of Anonymous lives on, as does the wake of the Lulz Boat. As I'm sure you know, we do not forgive. We do not forget (especially fallen comrades, and even more especially one of your caliber). When they're deciding your fate in court, it would be in their best interest to expect us.

  • Tope:: Sadly I cannot make it to your important date on the 25th of June. I am there with you in spirit and thank you for all your hard work. If there is anything you need please ask * We will NOT forget * #lulzTeam //////// "I like you, work harder" -Topiary

  • Well bud.. i feel for yea... sail strong my friend.. miss our conversations i had to say when i found out how old you were in RL i had a giggle.. your an old soul. I think anonymous needs more people like you we forget about topiarys last project the #voice and was doing so much good.. well that is life.. il be rooting for you and hope you have a good day in court.. i wouldnt worry to much your future is still bright! just dont turn whitehat on me when its all over brother!.. peace out! pikaj00

  • ohai Topiary. You are missed and all of us are eager for your return. Stand tall. Be proud of who you are. Remember, "can't stop the signal". <3 Kallisti

  • The new generation is already here and is wishing you the best, even though we've never talked before, I hope you will get through this and make it in life. From a fellow hacker to another, goodluck & stay strong. - DeadMellox, TeamGhostShell

  • Hey Topiary. When all this is over we have to talk about your choice of sunglasses. Keep writing every one thinks your good at it. Try not to laugh at the judges silly wig. If any thing, you got a wikipedia page out of all this. - Heyguise

  • Alas poor Topiary we knew him well lol. Why hasn't anyone burnt down southwark court yet? Hey bro, I wish you all the best #freedommods 4 eva. Hope all goes well we are all proud of you for the work you did for those in need of support. Hope we can have a chat soon. -mr[a]

  • Beware ! We bear more grudges Than lonely high court judges We Are Legion freetopiary opbritain

  • Hi Tope never spoke but you were and still are an inspiration to myself and to all UK Anons. You helped build the Hive to what it is today and for that I thank you. We will all be there on 25th June if not in person in spirit. In support of you the web will be full of much lulz. Are thoughts and best wishes are with you #Expect Us and stay frosty.

  • Well friend, we walked the plank with our eyes wide open didn't we? For every beautiful thing in the world, every triumph, every freedom, every right and priviledge many souls must be trampled. But we made history and we made love and we made war while under that boot. Best of luck, Mercedes No Haefer Ps, I hope Parmy's blowjobs were worth it. ;)

  • Hey Topiary, never did get a chance to talk to you personally but you have been and will continue to be an inspiration to all of us. Wish I could be there in person, but you know you have a Legion of support behind you all the way. Thanks for fighting for what you believe in, and you know we will continue to do the same. ~DiabloAnon

  • J - The Internet does not have much to give. It is cold and indifferent, driven forward by pictures of cats and amateur porn. It thrives in the void, in the shadows, in the unknown. The Internet cannot offer help or solace to those who face rough waters and strong winds as they traverse the seven proxseas. The Internet cannot hope, it cannot feel, it cannot love. It has nothing for any of us - we, the ones who have given small pieces of ourselves to its eternal archives. It keeps our secret ambitions and desires as proof of our trivial existence and nothing more. So you will have to accept these useless words from the individual behind the computer's impassive screen. Someone who has changed the Internet and been changed by it. Someone an ocean away - a whole lifetime away - with a name you do not know and a face you'll never see. Like the Internet, I do not have much to give. I can only offer you this simple exchange. It is my hope that these words can bring you optimism and joy and comfort, like yours once did for me. It is not much, but thank you. - L

  • Topiary, I wish you good luck for the coming weeks. These messages show how many of us support you , and how much you mean to us. Stay strong bro - we will never forget or forgive. Dorset

  • Our hearts are with you. Be strong. ~Crash

  • Don't lose hope. Stay strong. You're an inspiration to many anons who support you. Good luck x ~ The Game

  • Topiary, You are a legend. good luck with the case, stay safe, think slow, and you will get through this just fine !! MUCH LOVE - Dchtid !! Anonymous for life !!

  • Your never alone man. I never chatted to you. But you still a brother fighting the good fight. Your name will always be remembered. Stiff up the lip, there's thousands of us behind you - never forget that. Even though you've been [email protected] doesn't mean you have failed. You've made us fight even more. - P1nk13 #Freetopiary

  • Anons are growing in number all the time, we know the truth, I hope the Judge realises that persecuting you will not go down well in the eyes of history!

  • <3 Topiary, best wishes on your trial & know that we are with you, brother. I cannot speak for others, but only myself. In the wake of your unjust detainment, it was then that I had an awakening. It was your arrest that set me free. For the very first time in many years, I opened my eyes again & came to my senses that sitting in silence & accepting the status quo is absolutely unacceptable. Real criminals sit in positions of power while perverting justice while real freedom fighters are demonized for saving lives & defending freedom. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for giving voice to the voiceless & empowering the powerless. No one can kill an idea for it breeds thinkers & sows the seeds of revolution…I tip my hat to you, good sir. Though I cannot be there in person to show my support, I will be there in spirit. Sail strong & wishing you the best, my brother! #FreeTopiary ~ Mu

  • Thank you for making a stand for those of us who could'nt, you have inspired countless by your actions and your exploits. Stand with your head held high as the world watchs because you did the right thing at the right time and have nothing to be ashamed of. I am proud to be Anon because of brothers like you! #FreeTopiary #AnonFamily #Love #Respect - AnonR0ver

  • You are an example of the sort of Realman this world is lacking prepared too fight back in a way that makes a difference and inspire others too follow. I didn't know you personally something I hope will change when you return. As an anon brother I hope they realise we will fight too the bitter end for you and other Anons We do not forget We do not forgive Do the right thing for our brother topiary or EXPECT US !! ANONMSVFOR

  • Topiary, I come with just a short message, but its a message from the heart, and the message is thankyou, good luck, our thoughts are with you, we support you with everything we have, and we will fight to the last damn cannon to see you free once more! Never let them prune you down, be proud, be strong, be motherfucking better then them Never gonna give you up, or let you down, Lots of love and even more respect Anonymous

  • Friend Topiary Stay strong bro - we will never forget or forgive. The lulz and titties are with you.

  • Topiary; Southampton 3 - 0 Man City. In a dream of a dream inside a dream.

  • Topiary, soon we will have that pint. Keep doing the suave thing in court ;)

  • Topiary, stay strong. We are with you. As Anonymous wrote above, 'Lots of love and even more respect.' FreeTopiary

  • They cant arrest an idea..the idea has spread and now they think they can cut off the head, the "leaders." Fools. Silly feds, don't u know anonymous has no head? Sry you a sacrificial lamb, but we're vegetarians so ur gonna b aighty- Zephyr winds to u.

  • Jake - your sentence is bollocks and everyone knows it , thankyou for your commitment and your sacrafice on behalf of the whole free thinking internet. You have planted a seed of change in the minds of the people. We do not forgive we do not forget @hughejarse

  • Tope, I really hope you will see these messages. Because you have to know how amazing you are. How much you influenced people all over the world. Like me. I will never be the same, and I will never forget you. Miss you lots. Take care. <3

  • Topi, I still fill in your butthurt-report on a daily basis. Your Live-WBC prank is still legend. People miss you. Newfags respect you. And when times get tough, remember: A lot of people are still thinking of you. M'anony.

  • hey Brother, you are not alone. I send solidarity from Top of the Rockies next to Koch Bros billion dollar ranch and town of rich 1% ers-Aspen. Grew up in the shadow of their filthy lies and greed and their empty lives- they brainwash most of the kids here as what they should strive for- fucking ppl over for $. Looks and money. And ignorance. But you, you are a hero working against that shit. I wish you all causes of happiness. i really wish i had the words to tell you how much you are thought of - an inspiration and u have my mad respectz! Thank yhu just isn't enough! You rep what's hope for us, me - intelligence, courage, learning and awareness...n lulz of course. I will never forget you! Ever! I am loyal to a fault, and i don't break promises.We will not let you become a Peltier or Abu Jamal. I will offer free work to your lawyer if that might help. May we write you just for the grins*? Let us know, lots of folks care and will do what they can to support. I love you and what you stand for. Miss the old days, but soon you'll be free to create new and better ones. Super stoked to be able to tell you here you are teh hotness! We haven't met irl yet, but i think we'd like each other! Oh yeah and lots of cute, hip girls wanna jump on ur tip nao, watch out for those honeypots tho ;) Yours in the struggle-in the heart and with mai whole being, skai

  • Hello Topiary. I don't know if you'll get this but I wanted to write something anyway. Without any intention of sounding cliché, I want you to know that things haven't been the same since you left our noble fleet. While the movement you guys at the Lulz Boat set in motion still goes on strong without you, it is not the same. You introduced us to a new way of looking at the world, that no one had seen before. The humorous yet dead serious, well written thoughts you shared with us every day still amuses me when I look back at that period. Your phone-ddos machine, your FFF, your sownage. All of these things were seemingly only for the lulz, but as we both know, the message was much deeper than that. I'm gonna try to keep it short so... Topiary, you're a very special person, and you should always keep in mind that we, the people, who are still sailing, we have not forgot. And we have not forgiven. You are loved by hundreds of thousands of people, and what you did was not in vain. You are loved. ~ Echelon

  • Man, you have no idea how long I have waited to have this opportunity. You're like a bro to me, and I respect everything you do/did. Everybody will live up to what you did, I just wanna let you know you inspired me to sail for the horizons, no matter whose cannons were firin at me ;) And I also wanna say, there is a ton of love coming from fellow lizards here, and the support will never stop. Anyways, tryin to keep it short and to the point, we love you man, keep up the good fight. ~v3ct0r

For Jeremy Hammond, July 2012, received July 23


Website: .

  • Anonymous has always stated that when one of us falls, there are more to take the fallen member's place. It has always been a tradition of the Anonymous culture to support and protect our bretheren in their times of need as well as their times of victory. Jeremy was one the first anons to support arrested anons as a whole when #freeanons started on September 2011

Jeremy Hammond is part of a growing world-wide movement of political activists who utilize advanced technologies to fight for political goals of disseminating information, holding governments, law enforcement, individuals and corporations accountable for their misdeeds, and mobilizing real-world global protest. Jeremy is currently being held at MCC New York, where he will likely be for the duration of the trial or until a bond is posted.

Many of you personally knew Jeremy Hammond. You stood alongside this Anon as we fought the injustices that occured during the occupy protests. You watched as the feds infiltrated and betrayed international activists in the name of the one percent. It is now time to stand up and support this anon as he makes the ultimate journey against the one percent and the evil, unjust establishment as it stands.

This will mark the gold standard for anon support. How we present ourselves NOW will determine the level of respect we garner from society as a whole in the times to come. Do anons really stand together? Are we REALLY a formidable force that stands up for the rights and freedoms of our fellow humans? Or are we a bunch of kids, who snitch, turn tail and run, and fall back on our promises of support when the metal hits the meat?

On the twenty-third day of July, Anons will come together to support Jeremy Hammond, a fellow anon that took the ultimate risk and paid the high price of freedom. We will show the world that we are legion: We are many and we are one. We do not forgive injustice, and we do not forget our bretheren.

Until then please fill this pad with your solidarity messages ~Captain_Morgan ~mama

  • AnonMark: We are with you all the way...we aint scared...Bigups you're an inspiration!

  • burn/sup_g; So turns out I did meet you after all @ occupy, judging by those pictures. I've enjoyed our conversations, your enthusiasm, your passion for what you do. The situation is unfortunate but it's just a bump in the road. We all miss you man ~Chopin
  • sug_g I fucking miss you bro think about you every day and hope that I will see you again one day soon. I will not spend my time talking about the past but instead focus on the future. We are Anonymous we are legion, we do not forgive we do not forget expect us. ~Issah

  • p1x: I never met you, and we've never spoken. Either way I do believe you deserve an internetual 'Hi5!' for your efforts - and this whole thing really does suck - I hope you can put this case behind you as soon as possible, and I hope shit works out bro. As so often stated: expect us.

  • J: <3

  • TehAnon: Even though I have never met you I believe that I can speak for all of my fellow Anons in saying that you are an inspiration to everyone of us. Your passion was enough to triumph any odd that you wanted to and it will be able to overcome this court hearing and get away scott free. I wish you the best and everyone over at #voxchat will be working our asses off to help out you and your cause no matter what. I hope to meet you at least once I would like to have an actual conversation with you.

  • Syn: Don't worry, Jeremy. They haven't stopped you. Even locked up you have more influence on the world than they do. You have and are continuing to inspire others. You are constantly waking up a generation; each time someone reads what you stand for, what you've done, and what you've sacrificed...and no doubt, will sacrifice in the future, a new mind is freed from the tyranny of the System. Its all just time, Jeremy. It comes and goes. This period of stasis, as frustrasting as it is now, will be over soon. Hang in there. We're waiting for you. We're fighting on your behalf while you're on the inside. 1+1=0

  • hammond: although we have never met, you are an insperation. you are a hero, an insperation to us all, a glimmer of light in a lake of darkness, you are the definition of what we strive to be. to stand up for what is right when the wrong is a big ass meat grinder just waiting to rip you apart. keep your head up bro, we stand together. we do not forget and in that idea we have been working a lot on freeanon and different routes to help you and the other fallen anons. it is a honor to help our fallen brothers, POWs and MIA of our struggle. ~ phillip johnson.

  • ᎪᏁᏫᏁᎽᎷᏫᏌᏚ ᏞᎬᏩᎥᏫᏁ: Thank you for all that you have done. Someday you will be free in a free world that we all shall never stop fighting for. People like you are of rare breed in a world of sleeping sheep. This is our planet. Club fedfag and money are a thing of the past. Progress HERE. Success is inevitable because failure is not an option. May the days pass quickly for you and your sentence be short. We are Anonmyous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  • Hey Jeremy. It has been a long time since we spoke on the regular IRC. More then a year. Working on the OP's of that era. But the past is the past. I've moved into calmer waters lately. One of those is doing work for freeanons. And one part of it was for you. I hope you get to see the work anons put in. We do it with honor. The idea of anonymous has grown in this past year. The idea will not be forgotten, and neither will you. "The misery that is upon us, is just the passing of greed" Anonymous

  • The powerful, the oppressors and the exploiters see that a vast wave of change is crashing down on them. They’re scared and demoralized, and they’ve lashed out against you. But every attack on dissenters is only going to increase our strength, our determination and courage. We have your back, Jeremy, and our respect for you is immense. You’ve transcended the hypocrisy, conformism and pettiness that have so often been a mark of our time. You’ve given us a glimpse of the coming transformation, shown us how to fight, shown us a way forward. Germinal!

  • Hi Jeremy, we never spoke but you have been an inspiration and Anons in the UK respect and appreciate what u done and what u are now going through. We all hope that you are getting the support you deserve and more books then you can possibly read to get you through these times. We are building a support network in the UK for future Anons who get arrested for doing the right thing and this is down to you and other Anons who have been arrested. So hang in their and always remember that you will never be forgotten. Thanks. Heya, thoughts about you get me excited and get the world excited for what will come next. If you can write without self incrimination (consult your lawyer) then you should write and write and write. Everyone wants to hear your words--not because you are in a bad position but because you put the freedoms of the world in a better position. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your part in helping to wake the world up. I will do what I can to wake the others.

  • Jeremy Hammond! We love you. Srusly. Nothing but love here. Here's to you anon. Nothing but good thoughts. Now & always. We're still working. We're still Google dorking. We're still liberating data. We're still fighting. There may not always be an Anonymous or a LulzSec or an Antisec but there will always be hacktivists acting anonymously. And so long as there are hacktivists acting anonymously there will always be an Anonymous and we will forever strive to match your contributions. You did good, anon. You've done more than enough, Jeremy. Rest well brother and know that many continue to carry the burden.

  • Sup jerm? Glad that some of my images helped a anon in need (( some of the posters that have been made)) also im one of the ones whos been helping with the letters4jeremy/books-4-jeremy ops) Hope you liked the books they sent you. I know how shitty jail can be and just dont loose hope and let them break you. If you need anything tell Sue and ill see what i can do bro. ~ AnonFive

  • Jeremy: Having done a day or two locked up myself, know that they cant keep you forever. Also know that we're doing this time with you. So many people, many you dont even know, care deeply about you and are working to help you, both while you're incarcerated and to get you released. Lets hope that the american legal system actually provides some real justice in your case and sees to your speedy release. Stay strong brother, Keep your head up. Thank you for your personal sacrifice, for the greater good. Let this never be forgoten. Sending love, light, and good vibes your way.

[email protected]

  • Jeremy, Whatever you are feeling, whatever you think is going on behind the closed doors and bars you stare out from know that there is an entire community behind what you did and what you stand for. We have been watching from sidelines and back seats for too long and have allowed the corruption To flourish unchecked for decades. You showed us that even one person can change how the game is played and with that courageous step we see how they cower from the truth when is has its moment in the light. Your actions have emboldened many more than you will ever know and will continue to illuminate those who seek to break free from the system they so lovingly created. Yes we all did this. We allowed these individuals and corporations to manipulate us and lie to us all under the guise of freedom and security. We have been lulled to sleep every night by the promises of a better day tomorrow. Tomorrow came and went and we never even marked the day. I, like you have seen the only way to fight them is from within by exposing the greed and power hungry nature that leaves them ever wanting for more. Jeremy you have done a great service to both me personally and the world. You have opened our eyes to let in the light. Stay sane and keep your head held high no matter what they fabricate or throw at you. Tomorrow looks to be a very sunny day indeed. ~ABH

  • good luck jeremy you have the support of us all in what you did and what you will do. we will do all that we can to keep you free for we are legion. sencerely, mockingjay

  • wat is dis i dont even yours, evilworks

  • J- Solidarity Dude! Thanks for everything you've done and accepting the risks that came with it. Rest assured we will never stop supporting you and The Legion and we will do what we can to make your gloom a bit brighter and end this farce asap. Peace, NotCosmoNanners

  • Peace and Love Jeremy...Everyone is here. You're never alone and we send you strength and love. See you on 7/23!....Sue

  • We're all with you Bro, & growing each & every day :) When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, other's build Windmills <3 <3

  • To have striven, to have made an effort, to have been true to certain ideals this alone is worth the struggle. We are here to add what we can. Sail save Bro salute ~Doemela

  • hai jeremy. they say for every anon arrested 10 more will take his place. so one could be teased to say you did a good job in getting arrested. obviously that would sound pretty awkward, but i'm convinced that many of us will put even more effort in fighting the power and contribute to the movement. taking a stand against our common enemy. if leas and whitehat-pigs think that we're playing games, we will continue to prof how terribly wrong they are. every arrest will contribute to raise our rage level which is already over9000. we won't forget you. stay strong bro! #freeanons #ftp #(A) "I rather be a bandit in the fight of the people, rather than being a clown at the dinner table of the king." —Yilmaz Guney yonderbro

  • Jeremy, what you did really has inspired alot of people I for one will always keep you and your actions at heart while I continue with the group what you've done has vivfied the anon in many including myself I hope to see you some day happy, healthy, and FREE ANON1488

  • keep your head up bro!

  • Jeremy, Before all this, I really had no idea of what was being done to try and take back what is ours and shake things up. I am sure there are many others that you brought this to also. Revolution has never really felt real to me. I want it, it just feels pointless. You give me hope that things can change. There are many new Anons because of you. You also revived the spirit of the former anons. You have been an inspiration to many. "The seed of revolution is repression." Woodrow Wilson Felix

  • Jeremy: Things will get better, I assure you. Just keep fighting the good fight. Victory is flawless.

  • Brother Jeremy: It may not be of any real significance to you personally, but I knew Kevin Mitnick back when he was serving time in solitary without (at that time) an expectation that he'd even see a trial, as all of his other rights had been trampled and he had already been denied the right to a speedy trial for over three years. Many of us wondered if he'd even ever see the light of day again.

These are unquestionably dark times, but you must keep in mind that we are rallying support for your cause at this very moment. Whereas we had expected Mitnick to rot in a cell forever, largely thanks to the worldwide "Free Kevin" movement we saw him a free man in under five years from when he was first incarcerated... an overwhelming victory considering the billions of dollars in charges he was allegedly liable for.

Please know that your time locked away in there is not "wasted" time, as it is for some others who "lose" years of their life to a prison sentence. Every second you spent incarcerated is a moment well-spent because it means something to the world as a whole... it is not being served quietly as in penitance but being scrutinized globally and made known to the people as a heroic sacrifice.

We will not let you go quietly. I did not know you personally before all this shit went down, but I know you now as a brother-in-arms as you fight a war against tyrannical oppression by an oligarchy that will eventually see justice for its crimes against the people. Your brethren stand in solidarity with your cause. Respect. ~ Crates

  • Jeremy- We have never met, but I will stand with you.