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Press Releases, the most recent are at the top

July 14, 2014 PR to support arrested fellow anons in Denmark and to condemn dox between anons

Greetings fellow anons of the world, Denmark anons, activists or ordinary citizens who support us is a dedicated wiki aiming to publish useful info that helps our arrested friends to find legal help, defense arguments and useful knowledge in order to rebutt the prosecution arguments and create a legal precedence which will help those who will face similar legal challenges. We also want to enlighten the legal community on the purpose of Anonymous, which is in full compliance with the rules of a lawful and transparent, democratic and virtuous society.

To fight established injustice and hypocrisy in the state apparatuses, corporations and mainstream media, Anonymous have always chosen to divulge all info it holds, regardless of its origin or collection means; Hiding the truth never helped dominant powers to prolong their survival because the wheels of history are turned by those who love the truth and those who seek to shed light to the darkest corners of decision making. Above all, ordinary citizens are not as dumb or naive as the elites wished they were.

At #freeanons, we fight against injustice, hypocrisy and other vices that have brought this world to a new Dark Age; Our style, previous writings and press releases are illustrative of our beliefs and our work. We act openly, exposing all elements that have contributed and still contribute to the arrest of anons. But we are far from being the "ideal supporters" of the "ideal arrested heroes"... Like in any activist group, we deal with a difficult equation between great human values and ideals on one side and the weak, even shabby, human nature on the other.

We are making this statement in support and solidarity towards arrested fellows in Denmark; Why have we chosen these topics for this press release? It is precisely because while searching deeply the cause of their arrest, we discovered that the hypocrisy, shabby human nature, inside anons of Denmark helped the police a lot to arrest these fellows and build cases against them. So what happened?

Based on some documents and statements of some of the arrested fellows, it appears that a group formed from the first DK anons has proclaimed themselves to be "the real Denmark anons", which we will not deny in our argumentation. What is heckling in this affair is that these "real anons" or some of their fellows have decided to dox new comers who did not suit them, often for personal reasons or impressions. Furthermore, after doxing them and discovering their real identities that indicates those new comers are not secret services agents, they nevertheless published these doxes on pastebins.

Even some of these pastebins have been removed, the damage was done! Additionally and more serious, we read a document trying to prove that one of the defendants is actually the nick which this defendant had denied to be himself ( ).

Obviously, the dox has been used to discourage those who dare to declare themselves anons and do not fit the required "standards" set by the "real anons". Here is a good example: Faildox of a 15 y old kid: Then another dox for the same kid, where we read: "For the second time in a short time, Anonymous revealed the identity of a person who is allegedly behind the DDoS attacks on several government websites." "It is not the first time that Anonymous reveals the identity of Danes who are behind DDoS attacks. Thus led Anonymous' dissatisfaction that KL's website had been attacked in their name to the police could arrest and aimed a 15-year-old boy from Nykoebing of being behind the crime."

Maybe because doxing is more an anon "signature" than a simple PR? Or because, as we read on one other dox, "rule number 6 of the internet: Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless uncaring monster"????

Another defendant has one charge less in his indictment regarding a hack because in some private chats one of the "real anons" had claimed the hack is his, which is good for the defendant; But from where has got the police this information?

With these doxes and some published logs of the channel by "no one knows who", Deloite, the company who got paid 1.1 million of Danish kr by 3F to track anons, did their job by simply searching in the web. This explains in part why these 6 anons have been "selected" among 46 Danish anons who were present in the logged chats during the 3F ddos.

We are not minimizing here the fact that some of those had bad opsec, but we will not minimize the other fact that some "real anons" have their part of responsibility in what happened.

We have seen "real anons" concerned by the arrest of their fellows upon that happened and we wanted to help and support them all together. But, with time passing, the sole news we could obtain about their cases were "it is all good, they have free and good defense", they have no other needs. Not even a press release to show our solidarity, nor one of the usual videos that we watch when a fame fag make the news with his arrest!! With the language barrier, we could not follow news and our unique contact to be updated were the "real anons"... Until we met some of these arrested' friends... There, we started discovering why the lack of interest and why our fellows were left alone to face their "fate", an unfair trial that will lead for some of them to 6 years in jail.

Let's make this "why" public and use it to express our big anger and to scream in the face of all anons a deep and huge "NEVER AGAIN"!!

The answer we got when asking one of the "real anons" why they don't want to support some of these fellows we named, was: "they accused me/us to have doxed them"! So, again, anons who are supposed to defend ideas, values and ideals, refuse to support other anons who will sacrifice a part of their lives for these same values, ideas and ideals, , for personal reasons!

We wrote this press release to urge all anons DON'T DOX ANOTHER ANON, even he looks kiddy, lame or whatever, he is a human being like the millions we are fighting for.

DO DOX instead SECRET AGENTS and expose them.

STOP doing secret agents and police work, STOP using their methods by investigating and stabbing other anons in their back! Share, instead, information about these agents publicly so you help in preventing more arrests!

We are Anonymous We are brothers and sisters in the fight We do not forget We do not forgive Don't expect we give up!

Reactions that are additional proofs

[Following the publication of this PR, some persons considered it an attack against them personally, they banned 3 members of our team from their IRC, threatened of revenge if we don't apologize, and, to defend themselves, they stated (in different chats with different persons, chats that we kept as evidences knowing they will deny):
<RealAnonCheif>: elan0r was doxxed, because he broke nypa, not because someone claimed to be the "real anon" / elan0r was doxxed by people in the old dk chan, I'm telling you that; The 15-year-old wasn't / The other dane (I'm not interested in mentioning nicks, you know who) was doxxed by a guy from the chan, because of a misconception
<RealAnonSoldier>: okay men du tager fejl :) den eneste danefag jeg nogensinde har doxet er "nick1" og hvorfor ved du udmærket men det er ikke ensbetydende med jeg har publiceret de (okay but you're wrong :) the only danefag I've ever doxed is "nick1" and why do you well but it does not mean I have published it)
Which confirms that they indeed doxed other anons (we don't publish their usual nicks)
Recognizing 2 doxes is for us an obvious evidence that this spirit was indeed prevailing in a channel where they were the main opers; which is furthermore confirmed by many media articles based on interviews with them (we can provide these articles), and, in the following study, where the author discusses the dox of elan0r with one of them, who recognized it and explained the reasons behind. We would like to share the comment of this same author in conclusion: "The internal justice and the codes of conduct that CurveMask elaborates on are not pursued in any literature about Anonymous that we have come across. The ethical implications of doxxing and the connection between legal measures are indeed interesting fields for future research." pp. 62 - 63 - 64 here: ]

Statement about the above PR

I saw "nick1" so disrupted when he learned that "RealAnonCheif" doxed him, that he was coming and quitting with different nicks, restless, for many days; I saw "nick2" wondering why he is going to pay 6 years of his life for actions he was involved in like many others and no one of those fellows is showing any sign of solidarity with him and the others;
I heard these anons screaming the injustice they undergo;
Therefore, I discussed with "RealAnonCheif", then used the elements he gave me to convince "nick1" that it was not "RealAnonCheif" who doxed him but it was rather him who removed the dox; I managed to arrange the relation between them;
I continued to listen and try to find a way to show these fellow anons our empathy, solidarity, respect.... I listened to them, read the documents they showed me;
I asked "nick1" and "RealAnonCheif" to help me writing a press release in support of the arrested DK anons because i don't know well this affair and I consider that they deserve our support, I didn't get a refuse nor an accept;
Then i continued discovering the dirty of this story by the documents that "nick2" showed me and upon all the disgust he feels, his discourage, his despair... I tried to do the same of what i did for "nick1" by talking with "RealAnonCheif" to convince him that it is crucial to show solidarity with these guys and the other arrested. "RealAnonCheif" refused arguing that "nick2" is spreading that he doxed him ... I told "RealAnonCheif" that "nick2" didn't say that to me, and it was true, as at the time "nick2" was talking about anons in general... "RealAnonCheif" fired me and accused me of lying, making drama etc. I decided then to write this PR despite all that and i got help from other members of our team;
I have read all what "nick2" wrote and all the documents he gave, I used them to build the argumentation and left out naming any one or pointing a finger to any person; I wanted to express my anger against a behavior that can ruin, and had effectively ruined, lives.
I am an anon, I am touched when i see injustice and I try my best to repair it... Why attacking me for doing that?
What is happening right now around this story and other subjects smells fishy; I decided to remain silent for a long time until new elements appear and explain what happens behind the scene

July 14, 2014 a support to DK anons from Austria Anon

Greetings to the world!

We want to introduce you to

It is a dedicated wiki, with the priority to publish useful info that helps our arrested friends in the fight for their freedom and against the corrupted systems they live in. We also want to tell people about the purpose of Anonymous. We are regular citizens who decided to fight against corrupted systems and corporations. To fight established injustice and hypocrisy in the state apparatuses, corporations and mainstream media, Anonymous always stands for transparency, democracy and freedom. Hiding the truth never helped dominant powers to prolong their survival because the wheels of history are turned by those who love the truth! #freeanons is an operation against those who brought war, destruction and pain over our world.

After arrests in Denmark, We decided to make this statement in support and solidarity towards arrested fellows. Snitches and Idiots did leak chat logs and fail doxes. With this wrong information, police started to hunt and arrest 15 year old kids and some newfags, who did not commit any crimes, but do not fit in some peoples sick thoughts about Anonymous.

So if you wanna be an asshole and dox, accuse or destroy people, just be prepared for the echo!

Remember Rule #6: Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster! Protip to the Police: #GetYourFactsRight ;)

After all, we are not brainwashed Zombies, like state power want us to be. We are watching you and we do not like what we see. We will not accept this anymore and stand behind our brothers and sisters and help them fight against wrong accusation and injustice. We will not accept the waste of our tax money to trace innocent people and treat them like terrorists. We will not accept snitches and idiots destroying our work and the life of good people. We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us!

February 2, 2013 Anons, the hope

Long-term plans, occasional plans, more and more arrests, plots, harassments, pressures, direct attacks, manipulation, even love! Methods used to dismantle and kill our great movement, the only one that has brought hope to millions of world citizens after one century of complete despair.

The last great and real revolution ended, in October 1917, with a coup d'etat orchestred by one political party, the Bolsheviks, who seized the power, recuperating actions and sacrifices of thousands of activists and even of the whole country, killing or imprisoning all opposants to its power, especially in the ranks of the revolutionaries who led this revolution, Anarchists in majority.

The Soviets (councils or assemblies) are grassroots organs of direct democracy, formed since 1905 to represent workers, peasants, towns and villages, their reformation led to the overthrow of the Tsarist regime in February 1917. After brandishing the slogan "All power to the soviets!" (Vsya vlast sovyetam!; Вся власть советам!), Bolsheviks "stripped the Soviets of their power while they were still led by Lenin and stole their name to dress up in, whereas it was an anti-Soviet regime" (Hannah Arendt 1958), then transformed them on tools for its domination.

Dreams of millions of workers, activists, peasants and even simple citizens had been betrayed, Communist parties in which these millions had put their hope turned into propaganda tools and behaved defendants of the interests of a growing empire, regardless of citizens interests or ideological positions. Those who refused to follow were liquidated, physically and / or morally. The hierarchical and centralized organisational system replaced all the structures of direct democracy up to trade unions, even in the so called extreme leftist parties and groups.

Anti-colonialist liberation movements led to militarized and unpopular regimes, where the ruling class had established relationships based on mutual interests with the major powers to protect them against their own people. They were well distributed between the two blocs, East and West, who had learned to avoid a third world war by carrying their conflicts over these countries appointed for the occasion "Emerging Countries".

The last attempts of revolution of the 1960s and 1970s have been checkmated by this heavy and well organized systems, betrayed by well tamed political parties and trade unions.

This explains why the hopelessness and powerlessness feelings were gradually installed in the popular classes from 1917 to the present day and how individual psychology has been more oriented toward self-protection and personal interests than to collective interests.

Anonymous is the ideal system to avoid these past mistakes and to create best conditions for current and future revolutions. It is a decentralized and anti hierarchical movement where every individual is supposed to be a free thinker, a responsible citizen and a self decider. That is why none of these individuals accepts to have leaders who decide for him or talk in his name and that is why they extol in majority a society that function just like their model, without leaders or governements but sectorial groups caring the interests of all and taking decision by direct democratic assemblies.

What makes this system even more effective is the fact that it does not depend on the individuals who compose it, nor on any of them. Anonymous is a set of tools and methods developed over time by random individuals who share the same principles and goals, it is a set of skills, increasingly sophisticated, which are accumulated and spread anonymously, across all areas of communications that internet can provide. Tools, methods and skills that any citizen can appropriate and use at any moment and any place to get and spread information, continue the previous tasks, organize attacks on targets making information about these chosen targets available to all.

It is not fortuitous or adventitious that millions of citizens of the world had recovered their hopes seeing its effective effects, that continuously thousands of them decide to learn, appropriate and use it to participate in a change that is no longer an impossible dream or desperate utopia.

And... It is therefore not surprising that governments and corporations that control the world hand in hand, stroking lies, cheating accounting, conspiracy and repression of all sorts, feel threatened and know their power's end is very near.

But instead of learning from the History, from an equation of an unfailing equivalence between tax and repression increases of an empire in its decadent phase and its final collapse, they prefered to repeat history and make the same mistakes that the previous empires had committed without success accelerating their fall into hell, throwing the main players of dirty roles in the dustbin of History.

January 4, 2013 Introduction to the wiki project; text for video

What is (show this title in intro in big bold)

Greetings friends, fellow anons, supporters and all citizens interested by our movement. (maybe remove this one)

- freeanons is a channel created in August 2011 to help and support all arrested anons, while other channels were created at the time to rally support for the most well known among them. (italic text in the whole PR is to scroll)

Our goal was to be a part of their defense, to create a tool that helps them and their attorneys finding accurate arguments based in historical and legal studies, also to raise a popular awareness about our actions as cyber-activists, our friends being political prisoners, in order to counteract the government and some media who claim that Anonymous is a group of hackers, criminals, terrorists and so on...

Despite some agencies effort to break our project, to control the first opened channel, despite some other behaviors to use our causes for personal interests,freeanons remained true to itself and to its principles.

-freeanons is now a decentralized channel present in more than 9 different networks and IRCs aiming to cover the main Anonymous places and to remain independent from any single IRC; We naturally try to choose the most secure among them and to provide advice that helps to join us anonymously by some secure means.

To achieve our legal support, we gathered a big number of historical and legal sources, books and articles in "Bibliography" in order to constitute a large references basis to be used for future studies by our team or any independent researcher, regarding anons and cyber-activists cases. (show titles of some books in the bibliography)

By reading these references, we have been touched by some well said quotes that are reported in "Quotes" (show a beautiful quote that you like)

To study Anons cases, we created a page for the "Accusation Arguments" that contains laws, decisions, directives and International agreements used to prosecute anons and aware Internet citizens in general. We also gathered studies and articles reflecting the dominated Power ideologies on which these laws and so on are based. Complaints and Indictments of some anons cases are there also as examples of these unjust lawsuits.

"Defense Arguments" is, in opposition, the page that contains all sort of gathered elements that can help to create a solid defense line: precedents, technical, legal and financial studies, testimonies, our views on some specific cases together with articles showing our positive image in the public opinion.

Using all these sources, we published our first essay, an historical and legal study on Virtual Sit-Ins or DDoS entitled "DDoS... My Love" (show few sentences from its intro)

A page that we all hate and feel rage seeing it growing almost weekly, but a necessary one to follow our friends news and cases, is the "Arrests Updates" page. (show the summary)

To help them and their families find legal support, we collected in "Useful Links" information on some websites, organizations and lawyers specialized in the defense of the cyber activism and Internet liberties who are willing to help ours, both on international and local levels. (show some useful links)

The ultimate goal being to prevent more arrests, we created a page where experienced Anons can provide Useful Advices that can help prevent others from being prosecuted. Another similar pages are dedicated to publish Tutorials that help cyber activists to protect themselves while chatting, making operations or anonymous contacts (show the title of the tutorial under "Goals" NEW etc...)

Our movement had suffered many plans to break it and experienced messes that led, inter alia, to extend the list of arrested anons increasing their number. freeanons launched a project of dialogues between anons to discuss issues and move on by proposing solutions; there are actually 5 different topics discussed in 5 different pages; Must read "Dialogue Between Anons" I, II, III, IV and V.

We believe that every anon and activist has a story, a view point or a project to share with others in order to make them benefit from his experience and thoughts, that is why we created "Reports" a page for free speech in all topics discussed within this wiki.

This channel has now a long story of actions, some failed and others continue to progress, "Videos", "Events" and "Solidarity Messages" are pages that reflect some of our actions, while "Press Releases" reflects our opinion on some issues or questions.

It is an ongoing project and all these pages need to be improved and updated with your help. :JOIN US!!

:FIND US with the links described in "Contact-Join"

:We are Anonymous

We are Free Anons
We do not forget
We do not forgive
Don't expect we give up!

October 29, 2012 Press Release to prevent any confusion between us and freeanons of anonops

Our causes are not for sale! Anons are all famous stars!

It is time to remind our friends and fellow anons, our supporters and all those who are interested by our movement,the thoughts and goals that led us to start this channel, #freeanons.

During the summer of 2011, with the arrests of Anonymous fellows in different countries, some channels have been opened to support the most well known among them. Despite the fact that we also love and support these anons, we considered such initiatives as totally unfair towards the other anons facing the same fate, and completely absurd in the light of the very foundations of our movement: we are anonymous, we do not seek fame, we are equal, we have no leaders.

One result of the ongoing Social Engineering operations in our ranks was the rumors started about #freeanons' founder mama by Sabu and continued by nix, lulzcart, and bnon after Sabu's arrest; stating that mama is a secret agent (fed). That led to many organized attacks against her in the channel, manipulation of users by private messages and in a private channel, then to ban her finally and control the channel with some ircopers help, since mama decided to defend herself by banning the attackers after many weeks of passive defense and also to moderate the channel and stop that daily circus.

Actually, two kinds of #freeanons channels exist, one at anonops controlled by the afore mentioned persons and ours, which is a decentralized network of at least 8 channels linked by relaybots.

We have noticed during these last months that the #freeanons team at anonops was not only focusing their efforts on fundraising collect, but also on some famous anon figures, neglecting completly all the others; Their wiki to track arrests,, has been updated only once since they banned mama. This update was regarding the lulzcart arrest, a member of that team, and some turkish news; 90% of the rest are copy-paste from the previous pads as it is, without layout or even editing! (e.g )

Their website is updated with articles mostly about Jeremy Hammond thanks to a member of his solidarity network involved in freeanons team.

Recently, with the arrest of Barret Brown, on September 12, we saw them completely touched by this event (that we don't fully condemn), devoting all their resources to BB; making a video and at least 5 posters for him; while 2 days before 7 Hungarian anonymous have been raided in a Gestapo-style razzia and arrested by the Hungarian Police (see ). This in addition to the 5 Anonymous activists raided in Denmark on Septmber 5 Again this is all in addition to the long list of arrests that occured since they have been controlling that channel, ignored, and the many court days of previously arrested anons glossed over (check ).

To not content ourselves with the rage felt by the betrayal of the basic principles that have animated the spirit of this channel; we were taken aback to discover that the donation fund has been expended without any transparent report explaining why and how. Now many shops have opened on the internet selling goods with Anonymous logos and symbols to feed that fundraising.

Not only should we accept that our values, symbols and logos are spreading like any merchandise in the shops of the Internet, which has always been frowned upon by the majority of anons, we must as well trust all stakeholders in this commercial chain: The manufacturer through to the last vendor and believe that "100% of the profits will go to", finaly ending in support for our arrested fellows, of course. Knowing that the co-signer of checks for expenses has maybe resigned and that this fund is 100% controlled by one person not required to give accounts!

Our basic principle thereupon is: "if people would donate anons or #freeanons because they believe in our causes, they will donate; so we don't need to sell them things; if they don't donate, it means we failed to convince the public opinion in our causes"

We wrote this Press Release to remove any confusion between us and them, between their policies, goals, purposes and ours. We would be very much ashamed if you thought they represent the #freeanons founders (Antidote, Anon_Voice and mama) and their spirit. (Here is how we decided to write this PR )

Free opinion is sovereign, it must be respected, nobody and nothing should silence or censor it. We do not fear blackmail or threats wherever and however they come, the right to free speech is sacred!

Published here with some logs

Reactions of that team on our PR

May 19, 2012 Support to Jeremy Hammond


We are Anonymous.

Anonymous has always stated that when one of us falls, there are more to take the fallen member's place. It has always been a tradition of the Anonymous culture to support and protect our bretheren in their times of need as well as their times of victory. Jeremy was one the first anons to support arrested anons as a whole when #freeanons started on August 2011

Jeremy Hammond is part of a growing world-wide movement of political activists who utilize advanced technologies to fight for political goals of disseminating information, holding governments, law enforcement, individuals and corporations accountable for their misdeeds, and mobilizing real-world global protest. Jeremy is currently being held at MCC New York, where he will likely be for the duration of the trial or until a bond is posted.

Many of you personally knew Jeremy Hammond. You stood alongside this Anon as we fought the injustices that occured during the occupy protests. You watched as the feds infiltrated and betrayed international activists in the name of the one percent. It is now time to stand up and support this anon as he makes the ultimate journey against the one percent and the evil, injust establishment as it stands.

This will mark the gold standard for anon support. How we present ourselves NOW will determine the level of respect we garner from society as a whole in the times to come. Do anons really stand together? Are we REALLY a formidable force that stands up for the rights and freedoms of our fellow humans? Or are we a bunch of kids, who snitch, turn tail and run, and fall back on our promises of support when the metal hits the meat?

On the twenty-third day of July, Anons will come together to support Jeremy Hammond, a fellow anon that took the ultimate risk and paid the high price of freedom. We will show the world that we are legion: We are many and we are one. We do not forgive injustice, and we do not forget our bretheren.

Untill then, we ask all anons and Anonymous supporters to demonstrate their solidarity by joining the dedicated webite , sharing information, post comments and donate

September 9, 2011; by burn

Anonymous Stands Opposed to Obama's Proposed Changes to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Congress is considering changes to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the 1984 bill that creates criminal penalties for "unauthorized access" typically used to prosecute alleged computer hackers. The proposed changes reflect a dangerous move on the part of lawmakers and law enforcement to increasingly repress protest movements by painting online activists and computer hackers as "criminals" and "terrorists". Instead of creating increased data protection standards and holding corporations more responsible for protecting customer information, their response to this "online crime wave" is to severely increase penalties for computer hackers. We ask the tech community to stand together and universally oppose this proposed legislation. Hackers and protesters are not criminals or terrorists!

  • Under the current CFAA, a first time offender who does not break into a government system would be facing a maximum of five years. Obama's proposal would raise the maximum sentence to 20 years.
  • A proposed mandatory minimum of three years imprisonment for "damaging a critical infrastructure"
  • Change wording of CFAA to more broadly consider employee insider leaks as "unauthorized access"
  • Classification under RICO act making Anonymous a "criminal organization".

Examining past and current Computer Fraud prosecutions it is clear that the government has a history of overcharging and oversentencing defendants, mostly a result of law enforcement and congressional fear and ignorance of the technology behind such "crimes". Kevin Mitnick was sentenced to five years much of it spent in solitary confinement because the prosecutor claimed that he would be able to "launch a nuclear strike by whistling into a payphone". Brian Salcedo is doing an outrageous nine year sentence for allegedly breaking into wireless networks to steal credit card information (even though his co-conspirator who pressured him into following through with the act was apparently a paid informant). ( Hacker Wiliam Genovese did two years in prison for allegedly selling Windows source code that was freely available on several file sharing services. For the most part those prosecuted under Computer Fraud statues have either been relatively harmless teenaged computer enthusiasts to at worst small time fraudsters - not nearly the "critical threat to national security" as lawmakers are painting us in an attempt to pass more police state legislation.

During the judiciary hearing on the proposed CFAA changes, congressmen brought up several Anonymous, Lulzsec and Antisec actions as examples of the "out of control cybercrime problem" - despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security themselves have said in several bulletins that "Anonymous has not demonstrated any capability to inflict damage to critical infrastructure". The language used during congressional hearings makes it seem as if they are targetting large scale criminal organizations or violent terrorist organizations. But even Patrick Leahy spoke at the hearing his concerns that mandantory minimum sentences would be too harshly applied against young hackers who go on "joy rides".

Lawmakers specifically brought up the "Anonymous 16", supposed "Anonymous members" who allegedly launched LOIC electronic civil disobedience actions against PayPal and other corporations who attempted to stifle free speech by preventing online donations to WIkiLeaks. While none of these people actually broke into their servers or obtained any private information, they are being charged with Computer Fraud "unauthorized access" charges and facing years in imprisonment, painted by law enforcement and congress as criminals and terrorists. This is an important example of how federal prosecutors are greatly overreaching with their attempts to repress online protest movements, and the fact that they brought up this prosecution demonstrates the ignorance of lawmakers on changing technological issues.

We ask that the tech community universally oppose these proposed Computer Fraud changes. Please help:

August 29, 2011

I - Dear People of the World,

You may know that some of our brothers and sisters have been kidnapped by the judicial system by the FBI in an ongoing effort to repress anti-censorship movements. Some governments and media outlets have gone as far as calling us 'cyber terrorists' for our efforts to expose corruption. It is clear that these activists are neither criminals nor terrorists, but simply care about transparency and democracy, and unfortunately this has made them the target of overreaching law enforcement efforts.

The Anonymous 16 were arrested for allegedly taking action against PayPal as part of Operation Payback. When PayPal and others refused to allow financial contributions to WikiLeaks, we realized it as an attack on the free flow of information. Wikileaks is an organization that reveals how corrupt corporations and governments are abusing your money, your information. In fact, one of the documents released exposes how the U.S. government is systematically working to undermine and disrupt WikiLeaks through counter-intelligence operations. PayPal played a role in the government's attempt to subvert democracy by preventing others from voluntarily supporting WikiLeaks.

Considering the circumstances of this case it is clear to see that the prosecutors are greatly overreaching in their attempts to imprison these peaceful digital activists. Any sane and rational person can agree that the punishment for the alleged crimes doesn't fit the facts of the case. The alleged actions do not support either conspiracy, unauthorized access, or damage to a protected computer. Instead, they are the digital equivalent of a peaceful protest and sit-in, which is a respected tradition of civil disobedience. As such, 15 years in prison and a $500,000 fine is unwarranted and amounts to political persecution.

We are working to build a support network to stand with all accused Anonymous defendants under the gun of the State. The FBI is engaged in selective, politically dictated prosecution. While the FBI won't pursue an investigation into the DDoS of WikiLeaks (as this was likely done with their support and financial backing), they believe they can make an example out of our brothers and sisters instead. Now is the time to set aside our differences and unite in support of these heroic activists against these trumped up charges. Join us in a solidarity protest in support of our friends.


We are Anonymous We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

II- Letter from Anonymous to all Organizations, Institutions, Lawyers and Citizens supporting Freedom and Human Rights

The people of the Internet could be forgiven for having the impression that they are living in a medieval era regarding the Cyber World.

What are the similarities?

We have two categories of citizens - one has privileges, the other has inequalities, just like those who lived through feudalism: Two categories of citizens, unequal in their rights and / or duties, only this time some carry enormous inequalities with their 'e-card'. On the internet are the so-called "noble" and 'the rest' - just as it was during the time of feudalism:

While companies: - Bombard us with adverts on every website we visit and spam us with emails - Track our internet usage to collect our data for their own use (and then exchange and sell them to each other), - Censor any material they deem to threaten their integrity - Craft propaganda, often in violation of the law that prohibits governments from targeting their own citizens

All approved by Governments that make use of underhanded propaganda techniques like persona management, and large-scale data mining efforts led by the military and intelligence community

The rights of the citizens are limited to: - Looking blindly at what is going on or pretending to - Consume and pay these governments and companies.

Always they must unquestioningly accept and execute all laws making it easier for the noble class, as if ruled by divine laws.

They do not have the right to: - Go a little further to see what is happening in secret with these corporations and governments (or to bring attention to this) - Put up posters and 'spread the word' on the truth of these companies and governments in order to show them and the world that they have been unmasked (without being censored or facing jail) - Organize mass demonstrations to say 'We do not accept this situation!' - Or even to gather anonymously in online chat rooms to exchange their information and concerns!

Do you see any difference between the medieval era and this medieval cyber age?

Mama here is my take - a little different - I tried to focus the letter:

III- Letter from Anonymous


Today we are announcing an end of the acceptance of corporate and governmental intrusion into our private lives and politics!

Corporations have corrupted our political lives through the complete ownership of our politicians. This is no longer acceptable.

Corporations are allowed to bombard us with advertising on every website we visit, spam us with emails, track our internet usage to collect our private most intimate data for their own use, they have the right to exchange, sell and use our private information for their commercial gain and they can censor any material which they feel is threatening. This is no longer acceptable.

The rights of world citizens: Limited to watching helplessly, becoming consumers who pay for our own debasement and/or unquestioningly accepting and executing the laws that make it easier for those who would rule us. This is no longer acceptable.

The rights of corporations: are almost unlimited. This is no longer acceptable.


Because we can no longer "fix" our countries by normal political means, you have left us with no alternative. We will target you on the internet and mount increasingly larger mass demonstrations to demonstrate that corporate and/or governmental intrusion into our lives is not acceptable and must end.

We organize anonymously and we will fight you with many other weapons and - mark this - we will fight you every step of the way.

You have been warned and you can believe this: We are going to take you out of our lives and politics.

Every Anon you arrest will be very well defended - know that our anger has awakened hundreds more for every one of us you have taken away and now we’re coming to take you away, Mr. Creedy!

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

First PR, July 20 2011

On the 19th of July, 2011, The US, UK and Dutch governments decided that they finally had enough of their citizens’ rights to freedom. In true dystopia style, these governments have trounced upon not only the rights of these individuals, but the basic rights of all individuals: freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of association.

These actions should not go unanswered.

Those who were arrested believe in a cause, believe in an idea, believe in all of us. We must respond with a real and concentrated effort to redress these arrests. We, as Anonymous, have a very real responsibility to these people, who were jailed fighting for freedom, so we can continue to fight for theirs.

Have you ever joined a sit in, taken part in a strike, marched in the street, or attempted to block access to a building in protest? Anon’s actions are the cyber equivalent of these traditional forms of protest, arresting our activists for doing this is a crime against freedom and democracy. But how could our actions be seen and accepted as real protests by governments, when we are shown daily, that they only tolerate demonstrations that serve their own purposes…

Anonymous has now been falsely labelled as a “terrorist group”; people are getting arrested for this unjust accusation and it has become a dirty cat and mouse game with incalculable and uncontrollable consequences. All our actions can be directly compared to protesting on the street… is that terrorism? How could anyone know and prove that an individual belongs to this “group”? Governments can now arrest any activist under this “label” without a real charge and nothing to prove that they belong to or identify with Anonymous. Even though Anonymous is not a “group” it is an idea shared by all who value freedom and justice.

Governments can achieve nothing by attempting to silence participants in Anonymous, as for every one of us that falls, ten more will take their place.

People of the world… do not forget that Anonymous fights not for our own freedom, but for the freedom of everyone, including You.

“When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty” – Thomas Jefferson

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Le 19 Juillet 2011, les gouvernements américains, britanniques et néerlandais ont décidé qu’ils ne pourront finalement plus tolérer les droits de leurs citoyens à la liberté. Avec des méthodes vraiment dystopiques, ces gouvernements ont malmené, non seulement les droits de ces individus, mais aussi les droits fondamentaux de tous les individus: la liberté à la parole, la liberté d’expression et la liberté d’association.

Ces actions ne doivent pas rester impunies.

Ceux qui ont été arrêtés croient en une cause, croient en une idée, croient en nous tous. Nous devons répondre par des actions réelles et concentrées pour réparer les préjudices de ces arrestations. Nous, en tant qu’Anonymous, avons une vraie responsabilité vis-à-vis de ces personnes qui ont été emprisonnées parce qu’ells luttaient pour la liberté et afin que nous puissions continuer la lutte pour leur liberté.

Avez-vous déjà rejoint un sit-in, pris part à une grève, défilé dans les rues, ou tenté de bloquer l’accès à un bâtiment en signe de protestation ? Les actions d’Anonymous sont les équivalents cybernétiques de ces formes traditionnelles de protestation. Arrêter nos militants pour avoir fait ces actions est un crime contre la liberté et la démocratie. Mais comment nos actions pourraient-elles être considérées et acceptées par les gouvernements comme des vrais actes de protestation lorsqu’on nous montre tous les jours qu’ils ne tolèrent que des manifestations qui servent à leurs propres fins…. ??

Actuellement, Anonymous a été faussement étiqueté comme un “groupe terroriste” ; Des personnes sont arrêtées par cette accusation injuste et ceci est devenu un sale jeu de chats et de souris avec des conséquences incalculables et incontrôlables. Toutes nos actions peuvent être comparées directement à des protestations dans les rues… Est-ce que ceci est du terrorisme ? Comment quelqu’un pourrait-il savoir et prouver qu’un individu appartient à ce «groupe» ? Les gouvernements peuvent maintenant arrêter tout militant lui collant cette «étiquette» sans aucune charge réelle et aucune preuve qu’il appartient à Anonymous ou s’identifie comme tel. Même si Anonymous n’est pas un groupe, Il est une idée partagée par tous ceux qui chérissent la liberté et la justice.

Les gouvernements n’aboutiront à rien en essayant de réduire au silence les participants à Anonymous, parce qu’à chaque fois que l’un d’entre nous tombe, dix autres prendront sa place.

Peuple du monde… N’oubliez jamais que les Anonymous luttent, non pour leur liberté, mais pour la liberté de tous, y compris la vôtre.

« Quand l’injustice devient loi, la rébellion devient devoir » – Thomas Jefferson

Nous sommes Anonymes Nous sommes légion Nous ne pardonnons pas Nous n’oublions pas Attendez-vous à nos actions

Am 19. Juli 2011 entschieden die Regierungen der USA, Großbritanniens und Hollands, dass sie die Nase voll hatten von den Freiheitsrechten ihrer Bürger. Auf wahrhaft dystopische Art traten sie nicht nur die Rechte dieser Individuen, sondern die Grundrechte eines jeden Menschen mit Füßen: die Redefreiheit, das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung und die Versammlungsfreiheit.

Diese Taten dürfen nicht unbeantwortet bleiben.

Die, die festgenommen wurden, glauben an die Sache, glauben an eine Idee, glauben an uns alle. Wir müssen auf diese Festnahmen mit echten und konzentrierten Taten antworten. Wir, als Anonymous, haben eine sehr reale Verantwortung gegenüber diesen Menschen, die für ihren Kampf für Freiheit eingesperrt wurden, damit wir für die ihre kämpfen können.

Hast du jemals bei einem Sitzstreik mitgemacht, jemals in den Straßen demonstriert oder versucht, den Eingang eines Gebäudes aus Protest zu blockieren? Die Aktionen von Anonymous sind das Internet-Äquivalent zu diesen traditionelleren Formen des Protests, und die Festnahme unserer Aktivisten aufgrund dieser Handlungen ist ein Verbrechen gegen die Freiheit und Demokratie. Wie jedoch könnten unsere Aktionen von Regierungen als echter Protest angesehen und akzeptiert werden, wenn wir doch täglich feststellen, dass sie nur die Demonstrationen tolerieren, die in ihren eigenen Interessen sind…

Anonymous wurde nun fälschlich als “terroristische Gruppierung” abgestempelt und aufgrund dieser unrechten Anschuldigungen werden Menschen festgenommen; es hat sich ein schmutziges Katz- und Mausspiel entwickelt mit unberechenbaren und unkontrollierbaren Konsequenzen. Alle unsere Aktionen können direkt mit Protesten auf der Straße verglichen werden… ist DAS Terrorismus? Wie kann irgendjemand wissen und beweisen, dass ein Individuum zu dieser “Gruppe” gehört? Regierungen können nun jeden Aktivisten mit dieser Begründung inhaftieren ohne jegliche echte Anklage und ohne jeden Beweis, dass diese zu Anonymous gehören oder sich mit ihnen identifizieren. Obwohl Anonymous keine “Gruppe” ist, ist es eine Idee, die von allen, die Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit verteidigen, geteilt wird. Die Regierungen können gar nichts erreichen, wenn sie versuchen, Teilnehmer von Anonymous zum Schweigen zu bringen, denn für jeden von uns, der fällt, werden zehn neue kommen.

Menschen dieser Welt… vergesst niemals, dass Anonymous nicht nur für unsere Freiheit kämpft, sondern für die eines jeden, auch für DEINE!

“Wenn Unrecht zu Recht wird, wird Widerstand zur Pflicht!” – Berthold Brecht

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  1. OperationPayback Δελτίο Τύπου 20 Ιουλίου 2011

Για άμεση δημοσίευση

Στις 19 Ιουλίου του 2011, οι κυβερνήσεις των ΗΠΑ, του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου και η της Ολλανδίας αποφάσισαν να καταπατήσουν το δικαίωμα των πολιτών τους στην ελευθερία. Με έναν καθαρά δυστοπικό τρόπο,οι κυβερνήσεις αυτές καταστρατήγησαν όχι μόνο τα δικαιώματα των συγκεκριμένων ατόμων, αλλά τα βασικά δικαιώματα όλων των ατόμων: την ελευθερία του λόγου, της ελευθερίας της έκφρασης και την ελευθερίας του “συνεργάζεσθαι”.

Οι δράσεις αυτές δεν πρέπει να μένουν αναπάντητες.

Εκείνοι που συνελήφθησαν πιστεύουν σε έναν σκοπό, πιστεύουν σε μια ιδέα, πιστεύουν σε όλους μας. Πρέπει να δώσουμε μια αληθινή και μαζική απάντηση σε αυτές τις συλλήψεις. Εμείς, ως Ανώνυμοι, έχουμε πραγματική ευθύνη απέναντι σε αυτούς τους ανθρώπους, οι οποίοι φυλακίστηκαν αγωνιζόμενοι για την ελευθερία, ώστε να μπορούμε εμείς να συνεχίσουμε να αγωνιζόμαστε για τη δική τους.

Έχετε ποτέ παραστεί σε καθιστική διαμαρτυρία, πήρατε μέρος σε απεργία, διαδηλώσατε ή προσπάθησε να εμποδίσετε την πρόσβαση σε ένα κτίριο σε ένδειξη διαμαρτυρίας;Οι ενέργειες Ανώνυμων είναι το ισοδύναμο (στον Κυβερνοχώρο) αυτών των παραδοσιακών μορφών διαμαρτυρίας και συλλαμβάνοντας ακτιβιστές μας διαπράττουν έγκλημα κατά της ελευθερίας και της δημοκρατίας. Αλλά πώς θα μπορούσαν οι ενέργειές μας να γίνουν αποδεκτές ως πραγματική διαμαρτυρία από τις κυβερνήσεις, από τη στιγμή που βλέπουμε καθημερινά, ότι ανέχονται μόνο διαδηλώσεις που εξυπηρετούν τους δικούς τους σκοπούς …

Οι Ανώνυμοι έχουν πλέον χαρακτηριστεί ψευδώς σαν”τρομοκρατική ομάδα”. Άνθρωποι συλλαμβάνονται με άδικες κατηγορίες και το βρώμικο παιχνίδι της γάτας με το ποντίκι συνεχίζεται με ανυπολόγιστες και ανεξέλεγκτες συνέπειες. Όλες οι πράξεις μας μπορούν να συγκριθούν άμεσα με διαμαρτυρία στο δρόμο … είναι αυτό τρομοκρατία; Πώς θα μπορούσε κάποιος να γνωρίζει και να αποδείξει ότι ένα άτομο ανήκει σε αυτή την “ομάδα”; Οι κυβερνήσεις μπορούν να συλλαμβάνουν τώρα κάθε ακτιβιστή κάτω από αυτή την “ταμπέλα” χωρίς καμία νομική κατηγορία και χωρίς να μπορούν να αποδείξουν ότι αυτά τα άτομα ανήκουν ή ταυτίζονται με τους Ανώνυμους. Ακόμα κι αν Ανώνυμοι δεν είναι μια «ομάδα» αλλά είναι μια μια ιδέα που συμμερίζονται όσοι εκτιμούν την αξία της ελευθερίας και της δικαιοσύνης.

Οι κυβερνήσεις δεν μπορούν να πετύχουν τίποτα προσπαθώντας να φιμώσουν τους Ανώνυμους,γιατί και για κάθε ένα από εμάς που πέφτει, δέκα άλλοι θα παίρνουν τη θέση του.

Άνθρωποι του κόσμου … Μην ξεχνάτε ότι οι Ανώνυμοι αγωνίζονται όχι για τη δική τους ελευθερία, αλλά για την ελευθερία του καθενός μας,ακόμη και τη δική σας.

“Όταν η αδικία γίνεται νόμος, η επανάσταση γίνεται καθήκον” – Thomas Jefferson

Είμαστε Ανώνυμοι. Είμαστε Λεγεώνα. Δεν συγχωρούμε. Δεν ξεχνάμε. Να μας περιμένετε.

  1. OperationPayback comunicado de prensa del 20 de julio de 2011

Para difusión inmediata

El 19 de julio de 2011, los gobiernos del Reino Unido, Estados Unidos y los Países Bajos decidieron que ya habían tenido suficiente con las libertades de sus ciudadanos. En un verdadero estilo distópico; estos gobiernos pasaron por arriba no solo de los derechos de estos individuos, sino de los derechos básicos de todas las personas: la libertad de expresión y asociación.

No dejaremos estos hechos sin respuesta.

Aquellos que fueron arrestados creían en una causa, una idea, creían en todos nosotros. D ebemos responder en conjunto para responder a estos ataques. Nosotros, como Anonymous, guardamos una gran responsabilidad para con ellos, arrestados en la lucha por la libertad, por la que debemos luchar junto a ellos.

¿Alguna vez has participado en una sentada, te has unido a una huelga, marchado por las calles, o bloqueado la entrada de un edificio en protesta? Las acciones de Anonymous son el equivalente electrónico de estas tradicionales formas de reclamo, arrestar a nuestros activistas es un crímen contra la libertad y la democracia. Pero cómo pueden ser nuestras acciones toleradas por los gobiernos, cuando nos demuestran diariamente que solo toleran lo que a ellos les conviene…

Anonymous ha sido falsamente etiquetado como grupo terrorista; la gente es arrestada por esta falsa acusación y esto se ha convertido en un sucio juego del “gato y el ratón” con consecuencias que no conocemos.Nuestras acciones, comparadas con otras formas de protestas en las calles… ¿pueden ser consideradas terrorismo? ¿Y aún así cómo puede cualquiera probar la pertenencia de alguien a este “grupo”?Los gobiernos ahora pueden arrestar a cualquiera bajo esta etiqueta sin cargos reales y sin pruebas que lo relacionen con Anonymous. Aún cuando Anonymous no es un grupo sino una idea, compartida y formada por todos aquellos que creen en la libertad.

Los gobiernos no lograrán nada con estos arrestos, porque por cada uno de nosotros que caen, otros diez se alzan.

Gente del mundo… no olviden que Anonymous no lucha por los derechos de nadie en particular, sino que pelea por los derechos de todos, incluyéndolos.

“Cuando la injusticia se vuelve ley, la rebelión es un deber” – Thomas Jefferson

Somos Anonymous. Somos Legion. No olvidamos. No perdonamos. Espéranos.